Cookie policy

What cookies are

Cookies are small text files saved by some websites - this one included - on the visitors' PC. These files contain some information to be read when the visitor comes on the website again. This lets the website know some details, for example when the last visit was, the pages the visitors read more often, their choices and their settings. They aren't, in general, dangerous things, but they can be used to know things the visitor may not want to share, especially the information needed to send targeted advertising.

Which cookies do this website install?

Technical cookies

The technical cookies are needed for the website to work, and they dont gather any personal data

The only technical cookies this website install is lbredacom-cookiebanner-accepted, which does not expire and which saves the acceptance of this policy.

Tracking cookies

The tracking cookies are the cookies used to save personal data, to gather information to sell or to show targeted advertising.

This website doesn't use them.

This website, though, uses some cookies to gather some anonymous statistics about the visitors, and these statistics are for internal use only. The cookie used for the statistics are:

Cookie name Expiration time Function
_pk_id 13 months This cookie contains a randomly-generated id used to anonymously identify the visitor.
_pk_ref 6 months This cookie saves the visitor's page of origin
_pk_ses, _pk_cvar, _pk_hsr 30 minutes This cookies save some temporary data

How can I control the cookies installation?

Additionally, you can control the cookie-related settings in your web browser preferences. Your browser lets you remove previously installed cookies, and you can avoid to install cookies in the future (you'll obviously risk to compromise the proper functioning of some sites). Here are the instruction for the most popular browsers:

You can also exercise your right to oppose the installation of tracking third-party cookies by opting out the single service. You can always find the instruction on the service privacy policies.

You can also use Your Online Choices to know more about the most common advertising systems.

This website does not doi any profiling activity. For analysis purposes, though, it uses some external tools which may install cookies on your PC. If you close this banner, you consent to the cookies usage. More info