Q: Why didn't Grive download Google Doucments?

A: Currently I don't know of any easy way to do it. I personally don't use this feature so I am not keen to implement it in the near future. If you want it, you are more than welcome to implement it yourself and send patches!

Q: Why does Grive ignore files with a slash ('/') character in its filename?

A: Slash is the directory separator in Linux. It will be complicated and error prone to escape it in the local file system. It's just simpler to ignore it.

Q: Why does Grive ignore files started with a dot ('.') character in its filename?

A: Because Grive creates .grive and .grive_state for housekeeping. These files are not supposed to get sync'ed to the server. It is the easiest to hard-code Grive to ignore all files starting with a dot. It also follows traditional UNIX shell which hides dot files.

In the future release Grive will have better ways to ignore files.

Q: How can I compile Grive from source?

A: Starter compilation instructions are at Installation. It's for Linux Mint 13/Ubuntu 12, but other distros are similar.

Q: How do I send you my code changes?

A: Grive's source code is managed by git. See the Contributing page for brief instructions of using git.

Q: Why does Grive ignore all files/folders with multiple parent?

A: Short answer: because it's hard to sync them.

Long answer: Suppose we have one file called “bar” that is contained in 3 folders: foo1, foo2 and foo3. There are a few options:

  1. Duplicate foo under the three folders: after sync'ing, there will be 3 separate files in local: “foo1/bar”, “foo2/bar” and “foo3/bar”. This is the easiest to implement in Grive, but if more than one of them are modified in local, Grive will have to pick only one of them to upload to remote, because there is only one copy in Google Drive.
  2. Only create foo1/bar and have foo2/bar and foo3/bar as symbolic links to foo1/bar: this is easy to do wrong, because Grive has to determine which one should be the real one. What's more, Grive also has to remember its choice later.
  3. Similar to 2, but use hard link: hard links for folders can only be created by root.

That's why it's so hard to implement.

Q: Why doesn't you provide binary packages for distro X?

A: We will when we can find a maintainer. Want to help?